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The treatment for Clubfoot includes surgical intervention, particularly in cases where they foot may have suffered severe deformity. With negligence being the prime factor in leading to this measure, it can be avoided. Post op care and recovery till the incision sites are healed are followed by rehabilitation.

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Aawaaz Kadmon Ki’s mission is to help spread awareness about a 100%
treatable deformity that impairs so many. We advocate others’ contribution to
society by raising funds for a treatment provided free of cost at various
government institutions in India.

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Aawaaz Kadmon Ki is the end result of the thoughts of a young girl in the back seat
of her car wanting to help a homeless child she saw walking with a limp. It is her
journey, and her strive to hold onto that thought, and find the means to put it to

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Numerous families care for children with clubfoot all across our country, unaware of the treatments available for them. Lack of education and the fear of a costly medical bill leave them resigned to a life of disability. They need to be made aware that the most effective form of treatment for Clubfoot is a prompt and urgent response!
We can be that response, with Aawaaz Kadmo Ki!

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You can be their hero

Fund a Childs Entire Treatment
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Fund A Childs Corrective Surgery
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Fund a set of casts used after surgery.
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Fund a set of braces for rehab
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You can give a child the ray of hope by coming forward and funding the treatment plan for a child suffering from Clubfoot. Careful monitoring, early diagnosis, followed by timely treatment is aimed at minimizing damage to the foot and rehabilitating the child. Only a few weeks after the infant is born, Clubfoot treatment can be started and this would ensure optimum chances for correction.

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  • About 1 in 1,000 babies is born with clubfoot in the United States each year.
  • Boys are 2x more likely to develop clubfoot before birth than girls.
  • 40% of the children who are born with clubfoot affecting both their feet.
  • The average cost of a cure for clubfoot from a global perspective: $400.


Clubfoot was My Reason for Wanting a Change

Delhi’s traffic signals are quite the eye-openers. From three-year-old children begging for a packet of glucose biscuits to old women on crutches, the forever rushing population of the bustling metropolitan turns a blind eye to the problems the plague the ...

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The Brain Child and Labour of Love

I was introduced to Dr. Varghese through a common friend. A man at the forefront of eradicating Polio in India, Dr. Varghese took on the mission to eradicate clubfoot in the country too. Training doctors from all over India in ...

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