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Parents eagerly wait for their child to take his/her first step right from the day the baby is born. Unfortunately, there are also parents who feel helpless and only hope to see their children take those first steps because they see the crippling damage of Clubfoot, remaining unaware of how effectively it can be treated.


Aawaaz Kadmon Ki is an initiative to spread awareness and gather funds to give such families not only hope, but also effective corrective treatment! Under the dedicated supervision of Dr. Mathew Varghese, St. Stephens Hospital in New Delhi has opened its doors to patients for diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up for Clubfoot completely free of charge.


Dr. Varghese, Head of Orthopedics at St. Stephens Hospital, along with a team of trusted professionals and committed volunteers, caters to children with Clubfoot every Wednesday, 8am onwards.


I, Ishita Malhotra, have been volunteering for this cause for the last two years and have been united with Dr. Varghese and his team to achieve the goal of eradicating Clubfoot entirely. I have conceptualized this platform with the hope of escalating our reach and allowing people to come forward and get treatment as early as possible.


Dr. Mathew Varghese

HOD Orthopedics, St. Stephen's Hospital, New Delhi.


Dr. Mathew Varghese is currently the HOD Orthopedics, St. Stephen's Hospital, New Delhi. He served as the Director of the hospital from 1999-2006 and was instrumental in changing its profile to a super speciality tertiary care centre, while maintaining a large community outreach programme.

At the forefront of eradication Polio in India, Dr. Varghese has taken it upon himself to eradicate Clubfoot in the country too. He has trained tens of doctors in the treatment and has successfully change the lives of many sufferers.

Ishita Malhotra

12th grade student, Vasant Valley School


The many leadership roles I strive to fulfill, to make my loved ones and peers proud. But leadership, for me, includes reaching out to those who suffer simply due to lack of means. Working with Dr. Verghese, I meet such families very often. Visits to villages to spread awareness and initiatives to raise funds within my own community are small steps my capabilities allow me to take. Sharing the vision of eradicating clubfoot, I hope to fit the role of a true leader and manifest, in its entirety, the potential my loved ones see in me.

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