The Brain Child and Labour of Love

    I was introduced to Dr. Varghese through a common friend. A man at the forefront of eradicating Polio in India, Dr. Varghese took on the mission to eradicate clubfoot in the country too. Training doctors from all over India in the treatment of clubfoot, he now oversees the nationwide battle against clubfoot. A man with

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    Some Disabilities Can be Cured

    Disability: A word that is met with lifted eyebrows, quizzical faces, and unasked questions. A visible disability? All that, only heightened. When I mention Diabetes or Cancer, almost each and every one of you knows what I speak of. But when I say clubfoot, I’m met with perplexed faces that evidently do not know about

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    Clubfoot was My Reason for Wanting a Change

    Delhi’s traffic signals are quite the eye-openers. From three-year-old children begging for a packet of glucose biscuits to old women on crutches, the forever rushing population of the bustling metropolitan turns a blind eye to the problems the plague the lives of those outside the comfort of their air-conditioned four wheelers. Children are sensitive and

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