Clubfoot was My Reason for Wanting a Change | Aawaaz Kadmon Ki


June 2015

Delhi’s traffic signals are quite the eye-openers. From three-year-old children begging for a packet of glucose biscuits to old women on crutches, the forever rushing population of the bustling metropolitan turns a blind eye to the problems the plague the lives of those outside the comfort of their air-conditioned four wheelers.

Children are sensitive and supposedly notice more than adults do. As a young girl I always got teary upon seeing members of my society impoverished and having to deal with hardships on the pavement. I saw limping individuals who walked on the side of their foot and felt the need to look away each time. Only recently could I put a name to the difference.

It’s amazing that a condition I observed in others was formally introduced to me only about ten years later. A beautiful coincidence it was. When I heard about clubfoot, I suddenly remembered the nights in the car with my parents. Ten years older and much more mature, if there was a way I could help, I would.

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