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What is Clubfoot?

It is a birth defect in which the foot turns inwards and can be extensive to the point of appearing to be inverted towards the inside with the soles pointed upwards. It is accompanied by abnormal blood circulation in the foot.

Is Clubfoot a rare condition?

Lack of knowledge and awareness makes Clubfoot seemingly unheard of however it is one of the most common birth defects.

How can Clubfoot be diagnosed?

Clubfoot deformities are easily visible on ultrasound imaging after 20 weeks of gestation. The extent of the deformity may vary, based on which, treatment plans can be decided and prepared in advance.

Is Clubfoot painful?

Contrary to its appearance, Clubfoot is not a painful condition and children may begin to walk on the outside periphery of the foot as well. However, with increasing age, the disability becomes exponentially more, eventually making daily routine tasks increasingly challenging.

Can Clubfoot be treated?

Yes Clubfoot is 100% curable. Treatment for Clubfoot is available and attempts are being made across the globe to eradicate Clubfoot entirely. Aawaaz Kadmon Ki is a similar initiative in New Delhi, India.

When should one start treatment for Clubfoot?

The disability and deformity resulting from Clubfoot needs to be addressed and corrected as early as possible to get best results. The earliest and most preferred time of treatment is a few weeks after the birth of the child.

 How much does the treatment for Clubfoot cost?

Aawaaz Kadmon Ki, under the care of Dr. Varghese, at St. Stephens Hospital, New Delhi; provides treatment and correction of Clubfoot, free of cost.

 How long does the treatment for Clubfoot last?

Surgery, cast and brace treatments take approximately 8-12 weeks, depending on the severity of the condition and the correction needed. After the treatment has ended, a child is needed to come for regular follow-up to ensure the condition does not have a relapse till the child is growing.

Where can I get treatment for Clubfoot?

Dr. Mathew Varghese and his volunteers attend to patients with Clubfoot every Wednesday, 8am onwards at St. Stephens Hospital, New Delhi.

Are there options for making a donation towards eradicating Clubfoot?

Donations can be made to fund an entire treatment or a part of the treatment in the eradication of Clubfoot. It can also include funds needed for the development of customized casts and braces for each child.




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