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July 2015

I was introduced to Dr. Varghese through a common friend. A man at the forefront of eradicating Polio in India, Dr. Varghese took on the mission to eradicate clubfoot in the country too. Training doctors from all over India in the treatment of clubfoot, he now oversees the nationwide battle against clubfoot.

A man with a perpetual smile on his face and the ever so friendly ‘namaste,’ Dr. Varghese is a man of immense character and even greater inspirational value. Greeting every single on of his patients – who are treated free of cost – with a wide smile and positive vibes, he makes everyone around him want to do everything in their power to contribute.

Working with a man like him made me want to push myself even further. Simply helping out at the clinic wasn’t enough. There was more that could be done. Young people my age needed to know about clubfoot and facilitate the movement to achieve its goal. It was through my meeting with Dr. Varghese over a period of time that I actualized my wish to formalize my awareness and donation campaign for clubfoot through Aawaaz Kadmon Ki.

Under his mentorship, I hope to spread the word and help make the difference the movement wishes to see.

To assist his noble cause, I, Ishita Malhotra have been working under his supervision for the last two years.

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